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Conservative Pescatarian

Posted by pjcloud9 on March 10, 2011

It is the conservative way:  Make personal choices.  Live with those choices.  Adjust as necessary.  No need for others to accomidate the choice.  No complaints, no excuses.  Employ family and friends when help is needed. 

This is how I look at my personal choices.  It especially applies to my choice to be a pescatarian

I have no expectations that anyone accomidate my personal choice to not eat meat.  Clearly the majority of people in American society eat meat.  It is the norm, thus meat is readily available and the main course choice in most cases.  I am not offended in any way when others eat meat in front of me (even in the case of BBQ sauce slathered ribs) or if it is the main dish they have chosen to prepare with me as one of the guests.  Actually, I prepare meat regularily for my kids because it is something they want to eat.

I can navigate any menu or any food provided to me and find something that works for me, even if it is small.  When it is challenging and I find myself not fully satisfied in the end, it is really no big deal.  We are so fortunate to have safe food and water so readily available around here there is really no place for complaints when I have a little hint of hunger going on.  Seriously, I will live.  (And have!)  And, as those of you who have spent extended periods of time with me, you know I always have snacks on hand.

I am coming up on my two year anniversary of adopting pescatarianism.  (This all started back with Life Long Eating Dilemma.)  I have no plans to change.  It was a very easy transition for me to shift from eating chicken daily with some occasional beef and pork to eating primarily vegetables with some occasional fish or shellfish.  I feel great, it helps me easily manage my daily calorie consumption, and it has prompted me to become more creative and adventurous in what I eat. (Octopus, anyone?)  Shopping for groceries is more fun and navigating a menu at a new restaurant or a meal provided at an event a welcome challenge.  (Note: I have to laugh when at Republican events and I am the one looking for vegetarian box lunch I ordered and people look in shock that there is an actual-real-live-Republican-vegetarian in the house! Such a sight to see!)

Overall, this change in my life has been welcome.  It combats boredom in that every present major focus area – food!  (And if you have not figured out how much I love food, clearly you are new to this blog!)


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Posted by pjcloud9 on December 13, 2010

‘Tis the season for people at the office to show appreciation for one another in the form of food.  Every time I go to the printer to pick-up a paper, there is a new box of truffles or cookies or candies staring me in the face.  Every stop in the breakroom consists of leftover pizza or sandwiches from a team party.  And don’t doubt for a minute by later this week, the crockpots will be fired up challenging the circuitry of this facility with their slow-simmering little smokies and Swedish meatballs.  (The air quality will be challenged in multiple ways as well.)  Potlucks all around – ew!

Join me on Twitter as I hash it out with #HolidayFattening.  The intent is if I Tweet it, I won’t eat it.

Tips to stop the madness of #HolidayFattening in your life these next 2 grueling weeks:

  • Tweet it so you won’t eat it: #HolidayFattening (Or eat it and Tweet it and guilt ensues – FUN!)
  • Find a way to burn a few extra calories each day.  Park farther away, take the stairs, get up from your desk and walk around for 5 min, etc.
  • If you can find time to workout among the holiday chaos, add 10% time each day for the next couple weeks.  So, if you want to get 20 minutes in, add 2 more just for good measure
  • Shame those who bring in treats by making a list, passing it around to the department and then posting it for all to see on the intranet (oh, not that one – sorry!)
  • You can have a taste if you aren’t afraid to throw food away.  Take an enjoyable bite or two, then pitch it.  Half the calories!
  • Be the life of the party by bringing healthy food in for the potluck.  Veggie trays, pita chips & hummus, be creative not creamy.

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Will Run For (fill in the blank), Salty Edition

Posted by pjcloud9 on June 24, 2009

Again, apologies to those currently in some serious diet restrictions.  Just remember, there are days when you have worked hard, worked out hard, and you deserve a little treat or snack.  These are not normally on the list except for high activity weeks, and in serious moderation.

Super Pretzels are seriously super.  I love to slather them in Archer Farms Brewmasters Mustard – mmm, mmm.  I try to avoid this snack most of the time, but game on this week!

Plain, salted, or with mustard (my fav), a carby delight.

Plain, salted, or with mustard (my fav), a carby delight.

Chips, wonderful chips.  I don’t add dip to either of these.

First, the Dutch Crunch by Old Dutch.  Greasy, salty, kettle chips that satisfy with some major crunch – thus the name.

Cruchy Dutchy, Dutchy Crunchy

Crunchy Dutchy, Dutchy Crunchy

And an all-time favorite, the classic Pringles.  One of the most fun foods to eat ever.

You just have to pretend you are a duck, right?

You just have to pretend you are a duck, right?

Just discovered this combo, and it’s a keeper.  Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts mixed with cashews in equal proportions.  Taking cashews to a whole new level.

If only one of the islands came with it.

If only one of the islands came with it.


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Don’t Be Intimidated

Posted by pjcloud9 on June 11, 2009

Don’t be intimidated by people you perceive as athletics, athletic, or “in shape”.  They are no different than you.  They have simply prioritized and/or made a commitment to their fitness endeavors.  And if they have been at it awhile, your perception of them may be that they are advanced or partaking in workouts that you could never do.  Think again.  You can do exactly the same thing if that is what you want.  Just do it your own way.  I am guessing you probably have before at some time in your life, if not in fitness than in your education or in music or some other passion of yours.

When it comes to being active, only a small percentage of people have been consistent their entire lives.  Based on what life dishes out, often times people move in and out of a routine.  School changes, work changes, family changes, habits change, environments and access change.  All of these things make life exciting, but they also challenge your ability to be consistent in many things, a big one being physical fitness.  All of us are typically struggling to find the time and/or motivation to be active.  I know I do!  For me, triathlon has been the answer the past few years.

However, I go back and forth about how detailed I should write about triathlon on this blog.  When you hear the word “triathlon”, it probably invokes a specific image for you.  And I am thinking it may have sort of a negative connotation, in that it sounds really hard, thus the reasons I don’t want to write too much about triathon are:

  • Triathlon (swim/bike/run) is a daunting or intimidating exercise for most people
  • The perception could be that I am bragging or think I am somehow better than others because I do triathlon
  • Because of these two previous points, readers may tune out and think “this is not the blog for me”

The reasons I DO want to write about triathlon here are:

  • Triathlon is the personal motivator for me, it is a big part of my life.  I want to help you find the same thing, anything – that activity that catches your attention and keeps you engaged.  When I am in training for triathlon, I get to eat what I want – which I love.  I also have to stay on my training regimen so I don’t look stupid huffing & puffing on the race course – embarrassing!
  • If I can do a triathlon, seriously anyone can.  In the end, it is mental over physical in a tri.  Yes, you have to train your body appropriately to the distance you are looking at, but your mind takes you over the finish line.  This applies to a lot of things in life!
  • I love the community of athletes that participate.  If you ever get a chance to be a spectator at a triathlon, it is exhilarating!  You have weekend warriors, newbies, and at many big races – professionals – all together on the same course on the same day having a shared experience.  I cannot tell you how many strangers, race participants and spectators, have given me words of encouragement during a race that literally kept me from stopping.  I think of these people that I do not know all the time when I am working out on my own.

So there you have it, a little glimpse into why I do triathlon and a little encouragement to find what works for you.  I in no way think I am better than anyone else or have some need to intimidate others with what I do.  For me, triathlon is what works right now.  And I do not kid myself to think it will work forever.  It motivates me and gives me a quality of life I love.  I hope that you can find the same thing, and I am committed to helping you in that quest!

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