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Dream Big at Todays Mama

Posted by pjcloud9 on September 1, 2009

Thanks to the gals at Todays Mama (Shout out to Erin O., who I met while speed networking at BlogHer ’09 in Chicago), they are highlighting me the next couple weeks as the “Featured Mama – Dreaming of Cake” (of course).

Check out the feature here.


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Cake gone bad

Posted by pjcloud9 on August 21, 2009

I was in the neighborhood of an upscale Twin Cities grocery on Sunday and made a decision to drop in to pick up a few necessities on the premise that I could also get myself a little sliver of carrot cake.  I do not make regular trips to this local provisioner, however, the cake is what tends to draw me in.  Go figure.

Their carrot cake was the cake of choice for my graduate school graduation party.  A serious treat that I indulge in.  Even though I get it infrequently, it has stood the test of time, a very special cake to satisfy myself in the face of having accomplished something so worthy.  Until this week.

Do you realize how disappointing it is when you designate a major calorie spend on a piece of carrot cake that is typically exquisite to find it completely unsatisfying?  I am telling you, such a let down.  The cake was dry.  The frosting was too sugary, not cream-cheesy enough.  The crunch and nuttiness was inconsistent throughout.  I kept eating it just to see if it would get any better, down to the last bite.  I am sorry to report it did not.

I am not completely writing off this maker of typically-fine cakes and pastries after one bad experience.  I will carefully consider the next purchase there after this cake gone bad encounter.  Will probably take me awhile to go back, I will seek my cake elsewhere for now.

When was the last time you were let down by a typically always consistent and there-for-you indulgence?  Let me know.  Let’s cry over this sliver of cake together!

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This is how I roll…

Posted by pjcloud9 on July 25, 2009

Yes, this is for real.

Yes, this is for real.

A receipt from Hy-Vee grocery store from Friday night before the Sunday morning June 28, 2009 Hy-Vee Triathlon.

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Will Run For (fill in the blank)

Posted by pjcloud9 on June 21, 2009

This is the week I live for.  This is what this comes down to.  The week before a race when I begin to taper off the number of miles and I add more carbs into my diet.

May I remind you I am an AMATEUR triathlete, this is likely not the approach the pros take.  But it makes me happy and it works.  (My apologies for those of you trying to lose weight right now, this may not be the blog entry for you.)

First, if you dial back to November, you can read about my love affair with Chipotle.  What changes with my Chipotle order this week is I add the limey, delicious cilantro rice to my salad – mmmmmmmm.

How can you resist the deliciousness of Chipotle?

How can you resist the deliciousness of Chipotle?

Then it is all about sugar.  A couple of new products first, then a couple of classics.

Have you seen these Cinnabon bars from Kellogg’s?  I was running through Cub Foods last Sunday night late to get laundry detergent, and these little suckers were oh-so-strategically placed on the aisle.  Pop on in the microwave for 15 seconds – delish!

Cinnabon-y goodness in a convenient, individually wrapped bar!

Cinnabon-y goodness in a convenient, individually wrapped bar!

When Blue Bunny started cranking out Birthday Cake flavored ice cream about 2 years ago, I was so thankful.  The Cold Stone Creamery near my house recently closed and seriously, what could be better than cake flavored ice cream other than cake itself?

We're gonna party like it's your birthday.

We're gonna party like it's your birthday.

Now on to the classics, layering in some chocolate.  Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls have been around forever.  They are cheap, probably loaded with saturated fat, and full of white, sugary cream.  I think I can eat a pair of these babies in less than 30 seconds.  They satisfy!

Hey Little Debbie, you have never lost your charm, girl!

Hey Little Debbie, you have never lost your charm, girl!

And finally – the Oreo.  No post of mine about packaged food products with sugar would be complete without a mention.  Oreos are childhood in a box to me.  They were my grandpa’s favorite, I remember exactly which drawer and the Tupperware container my grandma would put them into.  I love them in the morning.  I love them at night.  I love them with milk.  I will even eat these bad boys with a Diet Coke at times.

I cannot imagine my life without Oreos: regular, double stuff, mint, golden, golden with chocolate frosting, you name it!

I cannot imagine my life without Oreos: regular, double stuff, mint, golden, golden with chocolate frosting, you name it!

This is one of the only weeks of the year that I eat this stuff with no guilt.  These items will not make up entire meals for me, but believe me, they will sneak their way in.  Running for cake people, running for cake.

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‘Tis the Season: Part 2

Posted by pjcloud9 on June 9, 2009

‘Tis the season of triathlon training.  I am now 19 days out from the first test of my current endurance: the Hy-Vee Triathlon, Sunday, June 28, West Des Moines, IA.

I have participated and finished the Hy-Vee tri the last two years.  The problem with the race is this is the third year of it and the third version of the course.  This makes it hard to gauge personal progress year over year and is annoying because of the adjustments that have to be made.

The first year it was in downtown Des Moines, swim in Gray’s Lake, with a finish line at the Iowa State Capitol.  Pretty flat, except the bike hill on Grand Ave. and the run up to the capitol at the end.  Year two, 2008, there was flooding in Iowa and Gray’s Lake was not in condition to swim in (read: bacteria infested), so they moved the venue to West Des Moines.  For several days last year, we thought it would be a “dry tri” or duathlon, with no swim leg.  We would instead run – bike – run.  But because the race was an Olympic qualifying event, not for me of course, race organizers were very eager to get the swim in.  They decided on Raccoon River Park with a finish line at Valley Freshman High School, thus two transition areas – very cumbersome, and a hilly run in comparison to the year prior.  Plus mental gymnastics in the 10 days prior trying to track all the changes and keep training.

This year, we are back at Raccoon River Park for the swim, but the bike and run courses have changed again.  We will be starting and finishing at the park, which is great, one transition area.  The issue with this third course for the Hy-Vee Tri?  This year we are running up a huge hill we biked up last year and running up a hill that we finished on last year.  UGH!

How to deal?  Train on hills and mentally prep.  I ran the actual big hill – dubbed “the Neil hill” by my family – in WDM this weekend to get the mental picture going on it.  Back at home, I have decided to train hills in Bloomington in the Hyland Park/Mt. Normandale Lake area.  For the next 19 days, the running portion of my training will happen there.  I am pretty comfortable with this plan.  The missing piece here in Minnesota is heat.  It is inevitable that by the last weekend in June in Des Moines it will be in the high 80s/low 90s.  If anyone can please order some heat for the Twin Cities (or a cool weekend in June for WDM), please call that favor in.

The good news in all of this is the Life Time Triathlon at Lake Nokomis on July 11 will be a piece of cake with all of its glorious flatness.  And a trip to The Cheesecake Factory will follow, of course!

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‘Tis the Season

Posted by pjcloud9 on May 30, 2009

I love it when the early daylight, late sundowns, and warm, breezy summer days arrive.  It has taken awhile here in Minnesota, but it seems it has finally arrived.  Hopefully to stay  – as long as possible.

But the thing I love most about the season is the level of activity  I can achieve with longer days and kinder weather.  This level of activity equals a lovely, refreshing level of consumption of sweets with an equally  lovely and looser fit of my pants.

Perhaps it looks like this (I am a visual person):

Sun + (1.5 x Activity) + Cake – Sitting around = Pants fit better

My nephew graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago and we found ourselves bringing home an entire untouched half-sheet cake from the festivities.  Not just any cake though, a white with buttercream frosting Harriet B. cake.  I would never refuse this gift, no matter the time of year.  But in the winter, I would have been pretty stressed about how much cake I would eat compared to how much activity I could squeeze in.  No worries in May.  I should have brought home a few pieces of chocolate as well.

Embrace it, people.  Get out there:  Walk, swim, run, bike, play tennis, take your kids to the park.  ENJOY!  Soon it will instead be the season to be jolly.

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Life Long Eating Dilemma

Posted by pjcloud9 on March 30, 2009

I am in a constant state of being in an eating dilemma. It is nearing the edge of obsession. OK, it is obsession. I just finished reading “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan, the second book of his I have read. (The first “The Omnivore’s Dilemma“, both recommended) I am now more convinced than ever that radical eating habit changes must occur. “The Western Diet” is killing me!

Did you know that in nearly ever packaged food you consume you are eating a form of corn? Next in line is soybeans? Did you know that nutrition information as we know it has been derived from thousands of scientifically weak conclusions and government decisions to incorporate this “science” into “nutrition” as we know it in America today? Our dinner tables are being legislated just as much as our checkbooks. We cannot escape politics!
Basically it goes like this, and it is going to sound completely conspiracy theory, I know, so bear with me: Farmers grow corn. Farmers subsidized by government to not grow corn. Food scientists challenged to do something with the vast amounts of corn. Voila – cold breakfast cereal fortified with nutrition! If you are interested in filling in the blanks a bit, I highly recommend Mr. Pollan’s books. Very enlightening.
Now where all of this gets complicated for me personally is that my whole upbringing, my entire babyhood through college graduation was funded by this system. The whole intellect and energy of both of my parents has been dedicated to this system. My dad is a PhD agronomist whose life has been researching and developing corn and soybeans that can withstand tornadoes and produce massive yields. Not only that, but my mom is a clinical dietician who has purported her entire career the value of nutritionism, helping thousands of patients find their way through the flurry of modern food (although I must say, my mom is very realistic is saying what is crap and what is not in terms of advise).
So now, not only am I living in a life long eating dilemma about the simple question, “What should I eat?”, I now have the additional burden of, “Oh my God, my parents dedicated their entire lives, their brains, their time to this way of eating which paid for my clothes to my CDs to my college education and if I reject it am I rejecting them?”. I love my parents dearly and I cannot bear to think that is what is happening here.
But I am going to do it. As I type (starving, by the way), I am finding ways to wean myself off of “The Western Diet”. As little processed and packaged food as possible on a daily basis. Whole foods, fresh foods, or packaged foods with 5 or fewer ingredients I can pronounce. The current exceptions will be (I am flexible to what I need to adjust): Diet Coke (see The Case of Diet Coke), all the Girl Scout Cookies in my cupboard, and, of course, cake in any of its delightful forms. Wish me luck!

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