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The Case of Diet Coke

Posted by pjcloud9 on February 1, 2009

Back in June, I made the decision to stop drinking any soda or consuming caffeine. Mostly, for me, this meant giving up Diet Coke. I had looked at some of the research, heard what benefits others had experienced, and decided – yeah, sure – that sounds good to me. I will detox my body and be a new person. Yippee! I drank my last can of Diet Coke on Sunday, June 22, 2008. Not that anyone is counting.

So here I am, about seven months and eleven days later, wondering how I can go on another day without a Diet Coke. And I am not a new person. Same old me.

It was actually not difficult for me to stop drinking Diet Coke. I just drank that last can and stopped. I think it was all about proving to myself that I could do it. So I did, and now I want to drink one. OK, I have wanted to drink one A LOT. What is better than a sparkly Diet Coke with a piece of pizza? How about a giant fountain Diet Coke with a straw – oh yeah – drink it down. Or that occasional morning Diet Coke with an omlette. Yummy!

But now I have built it up to a point where I feel guilty or think it is some sign of weakness that I am going to go back to it. Oh, did I say that out loud?

The alternatives I have found are cumbersome. They are expensive. They are often hard to find. They have calories. With that, let’s build this case of Diet Coke out:

Against Diet Coke:

For Diet Coke:
-No calories

Seriously, I am over it. Why torture myself? Off to the store, need to get myself a case.


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