When you love to eat, you've got to move.


Back at it as full time corporate citizen, love being back in the game. Also a proud suburban-yet-not-soccer-mom mother of two (13yo & 5yo).

Have been recently revealing the creative & competitive person that I am, taking risks and taking names. Has been quite a year of major ups & downs – we are talking UP ups and down DOWNS.

I make time for training for triathlons, writing, and other interests including eating cake and other assorted pastries, care and feeding of my iPod, music/movies/books, hanging out with my family, etc. I get energy from meeting and hanging out with creative, energized, action-oriented people – I love the old and the new relationships.

Things happen to me like Forrest Gump, plus I do get a few Forrest-type runs in occasionally. Also working on my book (yes, still) and potential stand-up routine (we’ll see…). Stay tuned for more.


One Response to “About”

  1. nancy said

    when will you start updating this again? I read your article in the valley news.

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