When you love to eat, you've got to move.

Conservative Pescatarian

Posted by pjcloud9 on March 10, 2011

It is the conservative way:  Make personal choices.  Live with those choices.  Adjust as necessary.  No need for others to accomidate the choice.  No complaints, no excuses.  Employ family and friends when help is needed. 

This is how I look at my personal choices.  It especially applies to my choice to be a pescatarian

I have no expectations that anyone accomidate my personal choice to not eat meat.  Clearly the majority of people in American society eat meat.  It is the norm, thus meat is readily available and the main course choice in most cases.  I am not offended in any way when others eat meat in front of me (even in the case of BBQ sauce slathered ribs) or if it is the main dish they have chosen to prepare with me as one of the guests.  Actually, I prepare meat regularily for my kids because it is something they want to eat.

I can navigate any menu or any food provided to me and find something that works for me, even if it is small.  When it is challenging and I find myself not fully satisfied in the end, it is really no big deal.  We are so fortunate to have safe food and water so readily available around here there is really no place for complaints when I have a little hint of hunger going on.  Seriously, I will live.  (And have!)  And, as those of you who have spent extended periods of time with me, you know I always have snacks on hand.

I am coming up on my two year anniversary of adopting pescatarianism.  (This all started back with Life Long Eating Dilemma.)  I have no plans to change.  It was a very easy transition for me to shift from eating chicken daily with some occasional beef and pork to eating primarily vegetables with some occasional fish or shellfish.  I feel great, it helps me easily manage my daily calorie consumption, and it has prompted me to become more creative and adventurous in what I eat. (Octopus, anyone?)  Shopping for groceries is more fun and navigating a menu at a new restaurant or a meal provided at an event a welcome challenge.  (Note: I have to laugh when at Republican events and I am the one looking for vegetarian box lunch I ordered and people look in shock that there is an actual-real-live-Republican-vegetarian in the house! Such a sight to see!)

Overall, this change in my life has been welcome.  It combats boredom in that every present major focus area – food!  (And if you have not figured out how much I love food, clearly you are new to this blog!)


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