When you love to eat, you've got to move.


Posted by pjcloud9 on July 17, 2010

I recently attended my high school reunion back in the Iowa town that I lived in from ages 8 thru 18, smack dab in the decade of the Eighties.  The formative years; those ten years certainly were.  How can ten years of your life seem so relevant and so immaterial at the same time?  Relevant in that even the little decisions made, or not, back then have had a huge influence on who I am today.  Relevant in the fact that I rocked some big hair, neon, plaid, and innumerable other fashion statements along the way.  Immaterial in that I had not seen anyone at the reunion in ten years – if not twenty – and I seem to be doing OK with that.  Immaterial in that I had not even been back to that town since the last reunion ten years ago and all that I could tell had changed was the size of the trees on the main street as I drove into town.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I chose to go to the reunion.  I was excited about it, nervous driving there solo, hoping certain people would be there and other certain people would not.  I was feeling pretty confident and poised going in, having successfully ballooned to the fattest in my life conveniently in between the 10 and 20 year reunions.  And for this 20 year reunion, I was several sizes smaller then the 10 year and back to high school size.  Damn, could not have accomplished that more effectively if I had thought about it – that felt good.  Everyone is still the same age as one another – that won’t change.  Seems obvious, but this is a huge benefit to taking some competitive edge off the reunion gathering.  Time ain’t standing still for anyone!

I had fun catching up with as many people as I could, learning about where they are today in their lives.  The reunion event itself was pretty low key with about 1/4 of the classmates in attendance, the majority there with their spouse in tow.  The spouses were mostly drinking more then the classmates – understandably.  Feels now like a lot of hype leading up to the event.  All we really did was get as many classmates as possible in the same room back at the old Country Club.  We chatted, ate a creamy, carb loaded meal out of chafing dishes and drank a keg of beer and generic cocktails served by “boys” (they really looked young!) in golf caps.

I am back here as well, after a several month hiatus.  So this is a reunion of sorts for me with my blog, my voice.  In relation to the high school reunion, I have to say this one is much sweeter.  I have been putting a lot of things behind me day by day and finding inspiration from the new and the possibilities before me.  Being a future-focused person, the thoughts of what may unfold are far more exciting then holding on to the past.

Bye-bye Boone High – again – and everything in between.  Hello now.


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