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Go girl!

Posted by pjcloud9 on August 26, 2009

Sometimes you are able to influence other people.  Other times it is extremely difficult.  You may influence someone in an unintended way.  Or, when you are not even looking, not even trying, you influence by accident.

My four year old daughter is a sassy one.  She is strong-willed, opinionated, a fast & loud talker, extremely social – always looking to connect with another human being and have a conversation – especially with little people like her.  She is one to watch in my book, also, one to BE watched if you know what I mean.  Her own brand of trouble hovers around her.

Over the course of the summer I have enjoyed our time together as I take her to the pool a couple times a week for swimming lessons, then afterwards I let her swim until she drops the remainder of the evening.  She flits, she floats, she flies away in the pool as she talks to every kid that will talk back to her, shares their toys (yes, takes their toys to share back with them), and shows no fear.

It has been interesting to watch the difference in her attitude towards food and fitness and how it differs from my twelve year old son.  I truly believe it is due to my personal attitude toward the same at the two-to-four year old influential time period.  My son gravitates naturally toward burgers and naps, where my daughter likes fruits & veggies and loves to run around and play.  Certainly lots of twelve year olds go the same route as they hit 7th grade, but I see clear differences in how my daughter is at age four and how my son was back then.

The other appeal about my little daughter – who doesn’t love to go shopping for a little girl who wear a size 4?  The clothes out there for that size and age are darling – so easy to create a wardrobe for a girl that makes the closet burst at the seams.  Some of the fashion is a bit too edgy – it seems that the size 4-7 girls clothing starts to replicate women’s fashion from the bikinis to the low-cut jeans.  We do not go that route!  However, I am a total sucker for the Target C9 girls fitness wear.  There are yoga capris, tank tops, warm-ups, tennis skirts.  The stuff is really darn cute.

Last fall I picked up a black warm-up suit with white side stripes in a breathable mesh for the girl (as I love to call her).  To layer underneath, a black breathable Under Amour type t-shirt with a star design on the front and faux-layered white long sleeves underneath.  She took one look as was OK with it, not overly excited, but she did wear it.  A feat for a picky girl.

This spring the worst happened.  The zipper of the warm-up jacket broke.  And with how Target moves through merchandise, there was no hope to replace it.  We kept it around for awhile since it was warm out and she really didn’t need to wear the thing anyway.  But once we hit time for garage sale/closet clean out this summer, it had to go.  Looking back – wow – that was a mean, heartless mom moment.  I mean, who cares if the zipper is broken?  But, we discussed and got rid of it anyway.  She had been doing OK with the tennis skirts and tank tops for most weeks up until she came across the star shirt in her closet a few weeks ago and demanded the zipper jacket.

There is no zipper jacket.  Remember?  We talked about it and decided we should get rid of it because it was broken?  (She’s FOUR.  I suck.)

For the last several weeks every trip to Target I have glanced at the girls C9 fitness wear every time I go, in hopes that fall would bring some new selections to curb the girl’s need for warm-up gear.  To my surprise and delight – this past weekend – Target came through!  They have an almost identical black with white stripe warm-up outfit in girls’ C9 fitness wear for the Fall!  I grabbed the only sixe XS in haste and purchased right away, price being no object (although, it’s Target, come on!).

I had been redeemed!  The girl was thrilled, put the outfit on right away.  And proceeded to wear it the next day, too.  And the next.  And the next.  (Squeezed ONE washing in.)  Needless to say, I am horrified to take her to preschool everyday in the exact same outfit, also one that is not weather appropriate – long sleeves, black, jacket?!?  She is a sweaty little red-faced fireball each day when I pick her up – warm-up jacket on all day, with it zipped to the absolute top.

So what do I do to remedy this situation?  I spy a CORAL version of the warm-up suit at Target yesterday while running in to pick up some gift wrap and a card.  Again, I hurriedly grab the XS as if it is the last item of clothing in the store and dash to the checkout.  Super score, super spoiled girl, she is ecstatic and for the first time is four days I get her to wear different clothes.

Through all of this, I am partly annoyed, partly amused by it all.  And now, as I look at beyond its face, I am partly proud of the influence I have had on my little daughter.  She wants to eat fruit and veggies.  She wants to swim.  She wants to run.  And she wants to wear cute, fashionable workout apparel.  Go girl!  I am right there with you.


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Cake gone bad

Posted by pjcloud9 on August 21, 2009

I was in the neighborhood of an upscale Twin Cities grocery on Sunday and made a decision to drop in to pick up a few necessities on the premise that I could also get myself a little sliver of carrot cake.  I do not make regular trips to this local provisioner, however, the cake is what tends to draw me in.  Go figure.

Their carrot cake was the cake of choice for my graduate school graduation party.  A serious treat that I indulge in.  Even though I get it infrequently, it has stood the test of time, a very special cake to satisfy myself in the face of having accomplished something so worthy.  Until this week.

Do you realize how disappointing it is when you designate a major calorie spend on a piece of carrot cake that is typically exquisite to find it completely unsatisfying?  I am telling you, such a let down.  The cake was dry.  The frosting was too sugary, not cream-cheesy enough.  The crunch and nuttiness was inconsistent throughout.  I kept eating it just to see if it would get any better, down to the last bite.  I am sorry to report it did not.

I am not completely writing off this maker of typically-fine cakes and pastries after one bad experience.  I will carefully consider the next purchase there after this cake gone bad encounter.  Will probably take me awhile to go back, I will seek my cake elsewhere for now.

When was the last time you were let down by a typically always consistent and there-for-you indulgence?  Let me know.  Let’s cry over this sliver of cake together!

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Exercise & diet – a powerful combination

Posted by pjcloud9 on August 17, 2009

Seriously, she is running for cake.  What could be better?

Seriously, she is running for cake. What could be better?

Dear Time Magazine:

RE:  August 17, 2009 cover story “The Myth Abouth Exercise”

Back in the spring of 2005, my dream was to lose 100 lbs and wear “normal size pants” that I could buy in a store instead of online, while still eating cake and other assorted pastries, of course – as any normal American would strive for.  It took me one year to do it, but I was successful.  And three and a half years later, I have kept it off. At first I just started walking, eating more vegetables and less sugary snacks. Then four months later I started doing the elliptical trainer instead of walking. Then five months after that I started running instead the elliptical. Then a few weeks later I signed up for a triathlon with five months to train – and that was that! Since the summer of 2006, I have finished fifteen triathlons and several other running and duathlon races. I even got third place in my age group/category in the Life Time Fitness Minneapolis Triathlon in 2008 & 2009!

I think is extremely dangerous for a publication of your stature and influence to take a melange of interesting, thought-provoking studies and twist them into an article that purports that exercise is not where it is at to lose weight.  I would contend that if any of us tried hard enough, we could find some study anywhere supporting our point of view, no matter how outlandish.  I am living proof that exercise and diet are a powerful combination.

I am no scholarly expert, but it seems pretty common sense exercising is not something people should be discouraged to do.  It builds physical strength and endurance.  It builds mental toughness.  It enhances cognition.  I am 37 years old and I am in the best shape of my life because I have committed to eating well and exercising regularly.  I accomplished my weight loss while working at a Fortune 100 company’s corporate offices with a forty plus hour per week demanding job, two young children at home, and living the commuter life in the suburbs.  I contend I could not have been so successful at work and at home were it not for the exercise portion of the equation.  Take a look for some studies that support that.



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Nice new shoes

Posted by pjcloud9 on August 15, 2009

If you can’t think of anything else to motivate you to run, get yourself some nice new shoes.  A girl has to treat herself, right?

I always purchase two pairs of running shoes at a time – same style, different colors – and rotate from pair to pair on a weekly basis.  This allows the shoes to bounce back during their rest week, plus I only have to buy shoes once per year instead of every six months.

The shoes of choice?  I am on my fifth & sixth pairs of Mizuno Wave Riders, year three.  The current model is Wave Rider 12, found the best deal via Google Shopping at Goodden’s.   Their price is currently $70 and they arrived quickly.

I like the pink ones best!

I like the pink ones best!

If you have been running or walking for fitness for awhile and you have never switched out the insoles, I highly recommend it.  The insoles that come in the shoes are flimsy and do not hold up for long.  I like Superfeet – they are extremely durable and provide great arch support.  Watch out because you may want to purchase these to put in your casual shoes as well.

I chose Superfeet Blue because I have low to mid arches.

I chose Superfeet Blue because I have low to mid arches.

If you have never shopped with assistance from an expert for walking/running footwear, I highly recommend a trip to The Running Room.  They are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in finding the right footwear for your foot and your stride.

Happy running!

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