When you love to eat, you've got to move.

‘Tis the Season

Posted by pjcloud9 on May 30, 2009

I love it when the early daylight, late sundowns, and warm, breezy summer days arrive.  It has taken awhile here in Minnesota, but it seems it has finally arrived.  Hopefully to stay  – as long as possible.

But the thing I love most about the season is the level of activity  I can achieve with longer days and kinder weather.  This level of activity equals a lovely, refreshing level of consumption of sweets with an equally  lovely and looser fit of my pants.

Perhaps it looks like this (I am a visual person):

Sun + (1.5 x Activity) + Cake – Sitting around = Pants fit better

My nephew graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago and we found ourselves bringing home an entire untouched half-sheet cake from the festivities.  Not just any cake though, a white with buttercream frosting Harriet B. cake.  I would never refuse this gift, no matter the time of year.  But in the winter, I would have been pretty stressed about how much cake I would eat compared to how much activity I could squeeze in.  No worries in May.  I should have brought home a few pieces of chocolate as well.

Embrace it, people.  Get out there:  Walk, swim, run, bike, play tennis, take your kids to the park.  ENJOY!  Soon it will instead be the season to be jolly.


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