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The Case of Diet Coke

Posted by pjcloud9 on February 1, 2009

Back in June, I made the decision to stop drinking any soda or consuming caffeine. Mostly, for me, this meant giving up Diet Coke. I had looked at some of the research, heard what benefits others had experienced, and decided – yeah, sure – that sounds good to me. I will detox my body and be a new person. Yippee! I drank my last can of Diet Coke on Sunday, June 22, 2008. Not that anyone is counting.

So here I am, about seven months and eleven days later, wondering how I can go on another day without a Diet Coke. And I am not a new person. Same old me.

It was actually not difficult for me to stop drinking Diet Coke. I just drank that last can and stopped. I think it was all about proving to myself that I could do it. So I did, and now I want to drink one. OK, I have wanted to drink one A LOT. What is better than a sparkly Diet Coke with a piece of pizza? How about a giant fountain Diet Coke with a straw – oh yeah – drink it down. Or that occasional morning Diet Coke with an omlette. Yummy!

But now I have built it up to a point where I feel guilty or think it is some sign of weakness that I am going to go back to it. Oh, did I say that out loud?

The alternatives I have found are cumbersome. They are expensive. They are often hard to find. They have calories. With that, let’s build this case of Diet Coke out:

Against Diet Coke:

For Diet Coke:
-No calories

Seriously, I am over it. Why torture myself? Off to the store, need to get myself a case.


2 Responses to “The Case of Diet Coke”

  1. Lisanne624 said

    Let me just go on record as recommending Coke Zero. As long as you’ve got that Diet Coke monkey on your back again, you might as well get a new addiction. Coke Zero is so much yummier than Diet Coke — sweet and it doesn’t have that “odd” taste that Diet Coke has. Give it a whirl!

  2. […] morning.  I love them at night.  I love them with milk.  I will even eat these bad boys with a Diet Coke at times. I cannot imagine my life without Oreos: regular, double stuff, mint, golden, golden with […]

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