When you love to eat, you've got to move.

Still sick, trying to determine course of action

Posted by pjcloud9 on November 11, 2008

It is technically day 7 of the sickness, day 5 for the full-scale version. This is really putting a cramp in my style. It does make fitness difficult. Especially when you have cold-like symptoms vs flu-like symptoms and all you can hear in your head is, “feed a cold, starve a fever”. Voila! This is the solution and my ticket to starting winter slothdom early. The thirty-one degrees and flurries outside does not help the cause.

I am teetering between just going all out, full on cardio work out or perhaps just giving in to temptation and eating a giant slice of poundcake from Starbucks. Per my own philosophy of balance, typically I would do both and be done with it.

Last night, I did receive a fair warning from a friend (thank you, SA), that I need to be cautious in my pursuit of activity when ill. She experienced a classmate’s death (yes, seriously serious) from a virus attacking his heart. She has done some research on this case and found that when ill, if you push your body too far, freak things such as this can happen. Don’t want anything like that going on.

So here I sit in Starbucks with my decaf Wild Orange Hot Tea, just yards away from that golden, moist, dense poundcake. And a reminder that it is nearly time for lunch and that would not be sensible at this time regardless of feeding the cold.

Shifting gears and dreaming of salsa instead. It might just have a shot at helping to clear this thing up!


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